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Three-dimensional steps into the future: 3D Print Conference Kiev 2015 became the main event in Ukraine, devoted to 3D printing technologies


On 10 September NSC Olimpiyskiy hosted exhibition-conference, devoted to 3D printing and scanning, 3D Print Conference Kiev. This event was held in Ukraine for the second time. The yearly growth is amazing: four times more exhibitors, three times more speakers, and two times more guests. 

Over 1000 attendees of 3D Print Conference Kiev got convinced that the advanced 3D printing technology will soon allow producing human organs, houses, cars and even space ships in Ukraine. And meanwhile speakers of the conference were sharing their successful experience during the event.



Speaker Yevgeniy Kozhuhovskiy from SmartPrint remarked in his presentation: “Ukraine is riding the pine and waiting for the invitation to the field”.

And the program of the conference was composed with a view to finding answer to the question that interests everyone: what should be done in order to enter the ‘game’?

Speakers from Materialise, Smart Print, EnvisionTEC, intRobots, 3DPrinterOS, ARanEd, Imatek-Esko, Whiteant and other companies discussed ways of applying the technology in manufacturing industry, education, space industry, car manufacturing and fashion world.

Some solutions were outlined during the conference, for example: companies willing to make money on 3D printing need to focus on customization – the most popular type of orders in the sphere.

In this context application of 3D technologies in healthcare also seems to be profitable and attractive. Dr. Alexander Nam (EnvisionTEC) believes: “3D printing opens up opportunities for individual approach to every patient and popularizes customization”. 

Apart from bright prospects, problem areas were discussed as well. Specifically, according to Yevgeniy Kozhuhovskiy from SmartPrint, 3D printing technology cannot get into the sphere of education due to lack of qualified specialists, who would develop this direction. Although, according to Nikolay Kovbasa from intRobots, it is 3D printing that can fundamentally change this field: “Wow effect – is what our schools and higher institutions lack for enhancing the process of obtaining knowledge”.

Workshops for all ages

Workshops for the most curious ones

Participants of this section could learn everything what a professional must know. This basic training allowed guests to master professional techniques, to get an insight into specifications of 3D equipment, and to get acquainted with 3D modeling and exclusive life hacks, which you would not find on the Internet. Moreover, learning 3D printing/ scanning/ modeling programs is not a conventional pastime, on the contrary - participants got an opportunity to obtain basic knowledge and skills, which afterwards can be successfully applied for professional growth in this field.



Twenty famous companies showcased their booths, operating principles of 3D printers and types of printed goods. There were lots of souvenirs in the form of cats, vases, statue of liberty, little copies of people, and guests could get a digital 3D selfie.

Apart from scientific, educational and recreational value, organizers of the event decided to contribute to the country’s history and presented a unique 3D-printed monument to commemorate soldiers who died during the anti-terrorist operation and the Heavenly Hundred. It was created in the form of a raised fist composed of one hundred arms – as a symbol of war against injustice, self-assertion, unity of Ukrainian nation. Remarkably, only Ukrainian designers worked on it, as only they could convey the strong spirit of Ukrainian people.


3D+Robo Kids

During the workshop on 3D modeling and printing intended for children, IntRobots Company demonstrated lots of useful programs and tools for learning these new skills. Children aged 8-16 had an opportunity to learn with a personal trainer, who adjusted the program in accordance with needs of every child. Future 3D experts immersed into the world of technologies, learnt how to create details of different sizes. With the help of a 3D pen young enthusiasts created their favorite characters. Children were also excited to assembly a small robot, which was taught to walk after that.


Organizers of 3D Print Conference Kiev are determined to pay more attention to enrichment programs for children and workshops on 3D printing, as they believe that such an approach will allow younger generation to develop faster.

That is how diversified and rich was the program of the second exhibition-conference on state-of-the-art 3D printing and scanning technologies, 3D Print Conference Kiev.

 “We are proud that this year the event has grown fourfold, and attracted attention of serious companies not only from Ukraine, but from the USA, Germany, and Belgium. Without false modesty, we can state that it is the largest innovative event in Ukraine, and we will be doing everything to hold the bar high,” shared his impressions director of the project 3D Print Conference Kiev Mares Shamzhy.

Organizers thank all participants and speakers of the event and are looking forward for another fabulous meeting in 2016!