M3D Pro: affordable desktop 3D printer for professionals

26.05.2017 M3D Pro: affordable desktop 3D printer for professionals

Three years ago, the American startup M3D presented a low-end 3D printer M3D Micro on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform. Its specifications were quite modest, but the project attracted more than $3 million of investment and the device entered series production. Recently, the company developed an updated version of the first model - M3D Pro. The project was no less successful. Recently, M3D announced the start of a retail sale of a new product.

Specifications of M3D Pro:

  • printing area: 177 × 177 × 190 mm;
  • thickness of layer: from 25 to 350 micron;
  • hot-end heating temperature: up to 270 °С;
  • maximum printing speed: 80 mm/s;
  • positioning speed: 120 mm/s;
  • heated table made of aluminosilicate glass.

The 3D printer comes with nozzles with different diameters: 0.35; 0.4; 0.5 and 0.75 mm. Despite the open body and due to the special technology of table heating, three-time energy saving is provided (compared to similar models on the market).

It is possible to buy M3D Pro at a price of $749 on the manufacturer's website.